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Scientists use particle accelerators to measure the amount of carbon-14 in biological materials to determine when that organism died.The cliff face at the Gran Dolina, a site in the Sierra de Atapuerca in northern Spain, is over 18 meters (59 feet) tall and encompasses 11 distinct layers formed over more than one million years.As ash layers cool, radioactive potassium-40 contained within begins to break down into the rare gas argon at a known rate.By comparing the amounts of stable potassium and argon, paleontologists can estimate how much time has passed since the volcanic tuff was formed.The mystery singleton asks their suitors questions, getting pretty personal, and chooses their favorite match based on the answers.There’s a TV show that’s just like this but I can’t remember what it’s called.

Gray volcanic tuffs—produced when layers of hot ash are laid down after volcanic eruptions—are dateable and can help date fossils found in adjacent layers.

Most often, they measure the amounts of particular radioactive elements—often radiocarbon or potassium—present to determine when a rock was formed, or when an animal or plant died.

Some techniques work best with materials millions or even billions of years old. And each method only works for certain materials, ranging from volcanic rock to charcoal to bone.

IJL Matchmakers will also choose potential “matches” for each Bachelor/Bachelorette.

Registration is open now online; in-person registration will be available at the event and ends one hour prior to the stage show.

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Join singles on Friday, July 19 to help bachelors and bachelorette’s find their perfect Italian match in the Klement’s Backyard Stage at 8 PM.