The guy your dating seldom calls

Posted by / 16-Apr-2020 07:34

We fall for these guys because it feels so right, because we’re swept up in the passion, the chemistry, and the intoxicating aura of unavailability; we get sucked into the space that exists when someone is just beyond our reach and it makes us yearn for him.

We convince ourselves that this is it, that he’s the one and we just need to make him see it. This is where all the questions and tears and doubt and uncertainties and fears start to consume you.

You mistake these feelings for true love because maybe you’ve never felt this way before, and you think it must be because this guy is different and this relationship is meant to last.

This is just a glimpse into the confusion that ensues when you choose the wrong guy.

You can try alleviating this by making sure he knows that you’re interested in him, and that you would love it if you two could get closer and spend more time together.

Again, being able to openly communicate how you feel with him will make him more comfortable with texting you first a few times.

This is the reason you want to hope for when trying to contemplate why he doesn’t text you first.

You can’t convince someone to feel a certain way about you.

I spent way too long chasing after guys who wouldn’t or couldn’t give me what I wanted, and then I wondered what was wrong with me when it didn’t get me lasting love!

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