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Even with his serious demeanor, he also has a sense of humor, and not only that, he cooks, cleans, and shops for himself, becoming all-in-all: the perfect man. Jungkook’s backpack and lunchbox always seldomly found their way up on that desk too, but it seemed like today Jungkook threw his bags elsewhere.And everyone can agree that he deserves that title. People wouldn’t always be wondering why the most beautiful and perfect man to ever exist was single if they just took a look at that list. As soon as Jin heard his voice give a soft echo off the walls of their apartment, he heard a door swing open before a pair of toddler feet pattered across the hardwood floor towards him.” Jin spoke in his fatherly tone that he had to learn with Jungkook and accidentally always used with Jimin despite him being only a few years younger. Jin watched as Jimin got into the elevator on their floor and left, letting out a deep sigh when the second most powerful ball of energy in his life was gone. Almost like clockwork when all that happened, Jin lost his family who claimed he had turned on them when he still talked to his sister even after she had been disowned, Jin lost his friends when he couldn’t hang out with them anymore, Jin lost his sanity at times when he couldn’t sleep through one night fully for a whole year because of Jungkook’s crying, and Jin lost his fun side. He turned the tv off and scooped Jungkook up in his arms, holding him close and whispering, “I love you, Kookie. His cheek was rested on Jin’s shoulder now as he carried him back to his room, so he’d be asleep any second now.

He has a smile that is contagious and makes anyone abide to his every command. Because of rule number ten, the main reason for this list: Kookie, also known as Jungkook. ” Jin called out to the house as he loosened his tie and set his briefcase down on the perfectly clean and clear white table by the door that was there specifically for him to set his briefcase down on.“Chimmy is sweeping,” Jungkook pointed towards his room where the door with letter stickers spelling out Jungkook’s name stuck to it was cracked open, revealing an image of a blonde boy - that looked to be in his teens though he was already well in to college - wearing a tiara, a pink boa, and makeup smeared all over his face as he slept, leaned up against Jungkook’s Star Wars themed bedding.Jin laughed to himself and picked Jungkook up to set him down next to him on the couch.” “It’s fine, it’s fine,” Jin laughed and patted Jimin on the back.“You could sleep the whole time and I’d still be thankful for all you do for me.

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He had no idea that he’d cave when he was asked what should happen to the baby and volunteer almost without a second thought to raise him by himself. His nephew was more of his son than anything, and he didn’t need anyone else to help him.

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