Translated dating sim games

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Translated dating sim games

“You fat pig, you’re behind on rent by half a month, when are you going to pay up!?

First, he has to clean up the instant noodles that choked this body to death……Even though there was no apparent magic or superpowers to be seen, but Seiji felt like, there might be something under the surface, it’s just that ordinary people wouldn’t know about it.Okay, so this was a new world that seemed like it came out of a 2-D manga.All his classmates looked down on him, the school bullies picked on him, the prettiest girl in school insulted him, his childhood friend kicked him away, his younger sister slapped him, his older sister forced him to leave home, his adoptive mother treated him coldly……Okay, these memories are way too painful, Seiji doesn’t want to go through them anymore, just remembering it once was painful enough.

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With stats, there were also ways to level them up, for example academics could be raised with options like “go to cram school,” “study at home,” “hire a tutor,” and so on, while physical ability had options like “exercise at home,” “jog in the morning,” “workout at the gym,” and so on.