Tulsa area speed dating

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Tulsa area speed dating

Every stop gave us an opportunity to slip into a brand-new identity.

MEETING THE ONE didn’t happen the way it does in the movies.

Perhaps we’d forget journalism altogether and launch a mobile dog-grooming business!

Or take up gardening and canning and live off the land?

Or maybe Cajun two-stepping with silver foxes at the local dance hall in Lafayette, Louisiana?

In the mountain town of Ridgway, Colorado, we ambled through the woods and dreamed of buying an A-frame cabin flanked by towering evergreens.

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But the terrifying finality of such a long-distance move, coupled with an intimidating local rental market, inspired a different plan: to road trip around the U. until we found a place that checked all the right boxes (culturally rich, ethnically diverse, politically progressive, full of friendly locals, and affordable). Born and raised in Buffalo, New York, Andrew had lived most of his life in one house.

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