Updating cpan

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Updating cpan

CPAN contains over 20,000 modules and anyone can contribute to it.

Maybe after this course you will become a contributor! However, we won't be visiting that site again, because it has limited practical value.

Instead we'll use the CPAN search page, one of three search interfaces for CPAN on the web that allows you to find modules by searching keywords.

Let's suppose you want to find a module that handles ISBNs (book registration numbers).

After installing the perl you need to just run the following commands from command prompt: NOTE: HTTP:: Server:: Simple and WWW:: Mechanize have to be installed with "notest" as some of the tests hang up.

Aside from the table of contents at the top, it will be the same as the result you got in your terminal window.

Some operating systems such as , you can find Catalyst packages in the

If the 5.10 repository is not ready at the time you read this, use If you're stuck with Active Perl, and if you want to test the Catalyst installation (ppm install ppm install ppm install you encounter other dependencies, install them in a similar fashion from

Go ahead and type "ISBN" in the search field and press Enter.

A list of modules that have to do with ISBNs is returned.

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you need to install perl modules Catalyst:: Runtime (sometimes called Catalyst Core) Catalyst:: Devel (you need this for development of Catalyst applications) bunch of its dependencies (where bunch means another more than 100 perl modules) If somebody is talking about Catalyst version she/he means the version of Catalyst:: Runtime module.