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The biggest challenge is if you want to replace an existing drive containing Windows and all your applications with a new model, and you don't want to have to spend countless hours reinstalling everything from scratch on the new and initially empty drive.

Physical installation of a drive is normally straightforward, simply requiring attachment using four bolts, and then connection of power and data cables between it and the motherboard.

These are flagged when Windows has difficulty reading files on a drive, and it suggests that you run the Check Disk utility to scan the disk's entire working surface in search of further problem areas.

If any bad sectors are found the data stored in them can then be rescued, as far as possible, and then the sectors are permanently marked as bad so that Windows can work around them.

Judging by the SOS Forums, many of you are attempting to do the same thing, so let's see what the best choices are, and find out how to avoid problems.

Did you know that many modern hard drives let you monitor their temperature?

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Logistics Information and Technical Data with Definitions. Latino NSN Buscar » Federal Logistics (FED LOG) data provides users the ability to access Federal Logistics Information System (FLIS) data of the US Government's Department of Defense (DOD) offline.