Updating fedora core 5

Posted by / 06-Aug-2020 19:49

My goal was to figure out how to get yum to work despite the fact that the stock repositories are long gone in most cases.I was motivated by the fact that the yum questions are never ending here at Fedora Forum and the question of how to make yum work for these older versions of Fedora seem to be quite common.

I've spent the last day or so installing every Fedora release since Fedora Core 1, excluding Fedora 11, on a computer I had laying around.Shortly after the kernel selection screen, your system begins the upgrade process. Once it finishes, your system will restart and you’ll be able to log in to your newly upgraded Fedora 30 system.On occasion, there may be unexpected issues when you upgrade your system.This method is the recommended and supported way to upgrade from Fedora 29 to Fedora 30.Using this plugin will make your upgrade to Fedora 30 simple and easy.

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Note: The Fedora releases here, Fedora Core 1 through Fedora 12, are no longer supported or maintained, so they do not receive bug fixes or security updates. To obtain the latest, supported version of Fedora, please refer to the main download page,