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Updating kernel with yum

Prior to these instructions, follow the steps outlined in our Getting Started guide.

This guide is about updating your Linode’s current kernel to a newer version.

For example, some users desire SELinux support, which is not enabled in stock Linode kernels, and may not be enabled in some distribution-supplied kernels.

If you’d rather run a distribution-supplied kernel instead, please follow our guide for Running a Distribution-Supplied Kernel.

Kernel updates are released periodically as new functionality and, most importantly, security updates are incorporated.

The Realtek Wireless woes of the disconnect kind (like a Spielberg movie) were also fixed in kernel 4.8.7 onwards, so that's another thing. You can install and enable the elrepo repo, or you can install it and keep it disabled, but then only use it selectively to install the mainline kernel, like Fedora 28 does with third-party software. Whatever is in kernel 3.10.0-693 that prevents the module from loading and/or the compilation from source is not there in the mainline kernel 4.16, and we have a liftoff!Numbers wise, with the old 3.10 kernel, roughly two years ago, we had about 650 MB RAM usage on idle plus 3% CPU fidgetness. Another thing that's worth mentioning is that an ancient Intel GPU issue also seems to be gone.With kernel 4.16, the numbers are surprisingly different. This could partially be attributed to the different themes that I'm using in Gnome, but I doubt it, given what I've seen with a range of recent Gnome desktops. Most of it comes from X server process, which constantly eats cycles without doing anything. In the original review, we had roughly 2.5 hours, with a fresh battery that has not deteriorated. Normally, going down to 50% brightness seems to add about 30-40 min life, from what I've seen in different tests. It used to occasionally pop, but it's no more: WARNING: at drivers/gpu/drm/i915/intel_display.c:10098 intel_check_page_flip 0xd8/0xf0 [i915]() So, kernel 4.16, it's good for you, and you know it!Source: CHECK LATER: --- DRAFT 8/30/16 - Adam Why update to latest stable kernel? Keep this in mind when you go to download the newest kernel release.

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Question : How to make an exclusion list so that anyone running the command “yum update” will not download any kernel patches ?