Updating of the npuap staging system

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As an alternative, in order to disseminate the recommendations of the Task Force to membership, the recommended Functional Outcome Measures as well as the recommended Wound Healing Outcome measures were published on the ACEWM website, which can be accessed by all clinicians practicing wound and integumentary management in the outpatient setting.The efforts to publish on PT Now, led by Sonya Dick, will continue into 2017.Maybe it will get infected from nearby urine or fecal matter if the patient is unable to control their bladder and bowel.This will cause the wound to break down further into a stage 3 or stage 4 decubitus ulcer.A stage 4 decubitus is the worst wound on the scale.

Usually occurring in elderly patients who cannot move themselves, if a nurse or aide fails to move the patient out of bed for a long period of time, the patient’s skin will start to fall apart.She has researched the new process and does not anticipate publication on PT Now will take long.In addition to publication of the recommendations on the PT Now website, the Task Force also plans to submit an article outlining our process, challenges, and outcomes to a peer reviewed journal.Official medical records will now stage a decub wound as a ‘4’ rather than a ‘IV’.This will likely make it easier for healthcare providers and patients to understand the depth of the wound.

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Recently, the NPUAP (National Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel) changed the way healthcare providers across the country stage decubitus ulcers.

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