Updating wii firmware

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Updating wii firmware

Instead, it gets installed in addition to any current IOS versions.All native Wii software (including games distributed on Nintendo optical discs, the System Menu itself, Virtual Console games, Wii Ware, and Wii Channels), with the exception of certain homebrew applications, have the IOS version hardcoded into the software.Periodically, Nintendo issues new system updates or firmware releases for the Wii gaming system.These updates are designed to upgrade your Wii with new features, enhance your Wii's performance, or fix bugs from previous releases.The ARM processor does not have access to the screen, and therefore neither does IOS.This means that while a piece of software is running, everything seen on the screen comes from that software, and not from any operating system or firmware.

Click the blue arrow to access the Wii System Settings 2 menu.Click "I accept" to install the latest system upgrade.If you are running the Homebrew Channel or have modified your Wii in any way, you must be careful when installing system updates.When a new update became available Nintendo sent a message to connected systems notifying them of the available update.Several game discs, both first-party and third-party games, have included system software updates so that players who are not connected to the Internet can still update their system.

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If you are running Wii firmware version 3.4, Nintendo can automatically update your system without your approval using the Wii Connect24 service.

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