Validating wsdl file

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Installing from rpms RPMs for Fedora core 3 are available on the Sourceforge site.

Dag Wieers's RPM repository has RPMs for many platforms.

WSDL processing, XSD schema processing,sending and receiving SOAP messages use the parser and serializer.

Download wsdlpull and follow the instructions below.

No knowledge of SOAP is needed to write a web service client using wsdlpull.

The command line tool is a generic web service client using which you can invoke most web services from command line without writing any code.

wsdlpull uses the xml pull api to parse a WSDL1.1 document.

Win32 users can find MSVC project files in the win32 directory. Additionally makefiles are provided for DLL and single/multi threaded builds.

For logging related code to be present add LOGGING in the preprocessor defines of the MSVC project.

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To highlight the faulty line in the payload, double-click the error description.

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