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Warranted superior saw dating

Hi David, I recondition saws and sell them on e Bay. Using any kind of chemical, including electrolysis and vinegar will leave the metal a matt color, dull, flat color.

If the rust is mild, use mineral spirits for lubrication and get some 3M black sandpaper.

Were they fitted to English saws as replacements for broken English WS medallions?

Having said that though, we are better placed today than ever before to put together a database of WS medallions from both sides of the pond. Add to that the overall condition of the saw and the fact that we can ask the experts on Backsaw.

Warranted Superiors were not the only saws to display the eagle, though. I assume the connection here is that beavers, like saws, use their teeth to cut wood. I recall once seeing a picture of a saw medallion that contained a wren, but I unfortunately didn’t save that image and now I can’t recall whose saw it was on. This image contains a lion and a unicorn (More on the unicorn in the Mythical Animals section below). Flint saws made in Canada and the Warranted Extra saws made by the Canadian company Shurly Dietrich also used an image similar to the British Royal Coat of Arms. A hippopotamus is proudly displayed on the German Susono saw medallion. Saw makers around the world, for more than 200 years, have incorporated their love and respect for animals into their craft.

However as part of my research, I read a thread on Backsaw.by Bob Summerfield Missoula, Montana October, 2014 Handsaw medallions, also known as label screws, come in many different forms.My Saw Medallion Reference Guide shows images of over 200 different saw medallions from eight different countries. While the images on medallions cover a broad range of subjects, many include animals.To the best of my knowledge though, no such database exists as yet. Honestly Bob, if you meant the latter this could take some time, but let me kick it off. All things considered, there is a good chance someone, somewhere in the world, will have one like ours and be able to identify it for us.At the end of the day though, should all our valiant efforts lead to naught, we must man up, accept it, and learn to appreciate our Warranted Superior saws for the intriguing time capsules that they are.

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Other manufacturers, such as Woodrough & Mc Parlin, C. eager beaver), and we want our saws to be put to industrious use. This includes Beardshaw & Son, Fenton & Marsdens, Ibbotson Brothers, Charles Callow, W. British saws made by Robert Sorby displayed a kangaroo image. A few British saws carried medallions with the image of Saint George mounted on horseback and slaying a dragon. How it came to be shown on a German saw is anybody’s guess. The Swedish saw maker Sandvik includes a fish on their medallions. I’ve already mentioned the unicorn appearing on saws with the British Royal Coat of Arms. Their saws presumably fly through wood with great speed. These medallions, and the saws on which they are found, are well worth preserving for future generations to enjoy.