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Watch rules for dating my future self online

While you shouldn’t smother your partner, you should be consistent enough to show that you care.

In Bustle, Behavioral Scientist Clarissa Silva says that she used to do exactly that when she was in a long-distance relationship: “Set up a date and time as you would in real life and do everything you would in real life…Get dressed up, candle light, wine/champagne setting, any routine you have for a physical date apply it to your video date…I showed up in a sequin top for a date with my now- husband and we still laugh about it three years later.” A huge part of relationships is the sexual tension and keeping that tension alive needs a bit more work in a long-distance relationship.It starts with acknowledging and accepting that you [are] physically apart and how it [affects] you, your partner and the relationship.” The second most important rule in a long-distance relationship is to be honest. You might not believe it, but the moment you start lying, your partner will start to feel that something is wrong.No matter how good of a liar you are, you can never completely hide when something is up.It might seem like a harmless office friendship to you, but to your significant other on the other side of the world, it could mean anything.Innocent or not, putting yourself in a potentially “dangerous” situation adds unnecessary stress to your relationship. This one may sound a little strange, but it can help to set up a specific night each week where you have a real date…on skype.

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