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Still, Lil Tay, whose parents are nowhere to be seen, comes out on social media, curses her “haters” and shows off her home, clothes, watches, and jewelry.Lil Tay (whose real name could be Taylor), fans out cash and says she is trying to make her “mama proud.”She almost cried in a video message, after her account was reported and taken down.And people don’t disagree; she’s already created quite the following of haters. these non poc CHILDREN need to stop “flexing” on social media acting like they’re hard & making MONEY off it. (@shawneebaeee) April 16, 2018It’s a mystery why these young “up and coming” rappers are obsessed with actress Miranda Cosgrove and the brand Gucci. This underage rapper seems to be thoroughly impressed with the teen she shares her moniker with.

Her Instagram page may have a limited amount of pictures as of now, but she still has over 400k followers!Or at least that’s what she calls herself on all social media platforms.Lil Tay’s age is nine, and she is heavily influenced by the hip-hop lifestyle.But again, this has not been confirmed, and we really can’t tell if anything this little girl says is legit. Born as Miranda Taylor Cosgrove on the 14th May 1993.

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