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Jaw implants, rhinoplasties, cheekbone revisions, and a slew of other surgeries intended to “masculinize” the face and transform it into what the is the ideal man—a “Chad.” But most incels refuse to amend their flaws, and instead spend their time cooking up half-cocked theories on such insane notions as “sexual Marxism”—state-enforced girlfriends —or “the complimentary heterosexual affections directive”—a tax on anything which allowed women to exercise sexual freedom (birth control, condoms, even smartphones), that would in turn fund a program for incels to access prostitutes.The incel entitlement complex is as vast as it is both pathetic and infuriating.Roger had been bitter towards women, and, in a series of videos he uploaded to You Tube, promised to “slaughter every single spoiled, blond, stuck up s***.” His poorly written pseudo-manifesto, , provided early insights into the world of incels and their triggers.Since Roger, several more murders and mass-murders have been committed by men identifying with or motivated by the typical incel framework—Beierle in Tennessee, Minassian in Ontario, and Harper-Mercer in Oregon are just some to name a few. Lonely men without sexual prospects, or resentful of a lack of those they deem acceptable. New Music & Exclusive Content Real, raw & quality R&B. The King of R&B Young Marv aka Brandon Hines left the music scene with a couple of unheard gems. Brendan Patrick Hines (born December 28, 1976) is an American actor and singer-songwriter.

' Seems more like a ' I-Struggle-With ...'' Transferring 5 million from FEMA to ICE won't affect the government's ability to respond to Hurricane Dorian, Trump administration officials said Sunday.

' No money has been moved yet' One day after news broke that the "Myth Busters" star died in a car accident, Jessi Combs' family released a statement reacting to her passing.

' She served as a role model for young girls' The singer, who is a coach on the NBC singing competition, revealed in an interview with People that a cyst burst on her ovary earlier this year.

They are continuing to leach out of their forums, out of their discord servers, and out of their private chatrooms. Their entire shtick is based on actions to satisfy their hunger or rage, actions that are to be carried out .

This defies their inherently pitiful, absurd existence and attitude, and it also challenges those who would dismiss them as a fringe of cyber-exclusive egotistical virgins. The entitlement of some men online might not be readily apparent, and they might just turn out to be a landmine.

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