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Here is a sneak peek of her inside story: On her most challenging Mad Men scene: It would have to be the last episode of season six when Don tells her they are not moving to L. I didn’t want Megan to cry in the last—I wanted her to be strong and stand up to Don and not take his sh*t anymore. On her fashionable upbringing: Dressing up is a big deal in Montreal—there is some wacky sh*t that goes on in that city, fashion wise– but it’s really all about being an individual and having your own voice and expressing yourself.

I wanted to say ‘that is not f*cking fair—you do everything for you and you don’t do anything that considers me! On the importance of female friendships in Mad Men: They make all the difference.

They’re all full and real people, so they don’t represent one single idea or movement at all times of their existence, but I think Megan is probably part of the first generation of women that thought that she could have a career and a family life without so many social barriers. No, I think that first of all, when he first proposes to her, in Episode 13 of Season 4, I think it’s seen, for pretty obvious reasons, as the easier choice, and early on, in Season 5, we learn that it’s not that black and white. Maybe Anna Draper saw something warm and soft, but until Megan, nobody really saw him as like a fun summertime Don. When you were involved in Season 4, how much did you know, going in, where the arc was going to go? I’ve done work, a little bit in TV, but mostly in film where you’re handed your whole character arc before you even get the job. They said it might be three or more episodes, which I was really excited about. Also, he just gets the technical aspect of it which — every actor works differently — but for me, it’s great to a scene with him and then he’s like, “Come. PARE: One of the things about the show is everybody watches it. Do a lot of friends want to visit when you are filming? We’re working on this right now and when it’s ready, you’ll see it. There are definitely scenes where we do more takes but never that kind of volume. Maybe four, if it’s a complicated scene or more emotional.

She was, like, I don’t know how to do this any other way.

I mean, certainly it wasn’t part of his first marriage, and here he is having to adapt to this sort of new social norm that women were going to be in the home but also in the workplace. PARE: Yeah, well, I mean, I think it’s such a nice… What do we see with the relationship with Don’s kids, because those are always great scenes, and Megan’s very different with them than Betty is, of course. I was so excited to have my first episode, and I got my first script, and it had one line, and it was “Yes, Joan.” I was like a little disappointed for 30 seconds, and then I was like, “Jessica, come on, it’s one line, but it’s one line on and it’s ‘Yes, Joan.’ It’s not yes, Gertrude, or anything.

So many women have thrown themselves at Don over the years. Like you’d be having a scene with Joan.” So as the pages came through, it was a challenge to not play anymore than what was on the page, which there wasn’t much of, because I didn’t want to kind of like act myself out of a job, you know? Well, just in answer to your question, I don’t remember that specific dress — I assume it was a dress — but yes, it is a younger sort of like freer, more like later 60s sort of a wardrobe.

It fosters this ability to consume the material in an unspoiled way.

You haven’t heard a ton about what’s going to happen, so you don’t already have ideas, so you read the script the same way that somebody else will watch the episode. With “Zou Bisou Bisou,” that gave you quite a challenge last season, because you said you had never really recorded music before.

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As far as going into each new episode and getting each new script, kind of blind, is there somebody on-set that may know, that chit-chats, that you find out from? Part of the reason that she’s there is to be the younger and freer element with the show, and she seems to dress more like what we think of as the 60s, whereas someone like Peggy is still… Is that part of what Megan’s fashion thing is, is to be the young, hip one on the show?