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You hear these wonky sounds and heavy guitar riffs—it's like alternative punk-rock, but simple and catchy," he told E! "I grew up on Bruce Springsteen, The Offspring, Nirvana and Billy Joel—this old school/new school mixed in one. I want a wife that's able to put up with my punk-ass ways at times." In the meantime, he's open to a reunion with his former California posse including Audrina who he still has nothing but kind things to say about.

Instead, they seemed nervous and awkward -- like they were caught in an uncomfortable lie. But Kristin was up next, and I was confident she'd be candid. At all," she said in September, adding that she will "pretty much do anything" the producers tell her to do.In addition to really loving me some crunchy, loud, melodic hard rock music, I miss the days of being considered fashion-forward for my love of flannel.Francis Bean Cobain however, is rapidly reaching an age where she could have influence over the cultural zeitgeist, so I will cross my fingers that she comes through for me in the event that Justin Bobby drops the ball.The show's fifth season ended Tuesday night as the unlikely pair decided to give being boyfriend and girlfriend a shot.During the waning hours of summer in Kristin's Malibu beach rental, they kissed on the deck repeatedly.

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