Who is malinda williams dating now

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Who is malinda williams dating now

He probably should have just gotten himself a white chick. I believe that white girls are better for black men and non black men are better for black women !Black women, this is a plea to all my sister, please try a man of another ethnicity. black women's number for domestic violence, std rates and babies out of wedlock will decrease, seeing that these are all the causing of the down low black man! first nick cannon has bank.as much as the most successful r&b chick n the game (maria H) but he has his own...swizzy and a.Couldn't figure out the connection but I guess this is it. Sweetie, having STANDARDS isn't hate, it's simply calling it like one see's it.Women like her are the reason Black women are so ill regraded in the world.

As far as money, let me let you in or a lil secret. Do the math people; he averages 200 gigs a year at 00-00 per party. And we won't even get into his publishing checks from the songs he's made and produced; at least another 0k a year. I do alot of philanthropic events involving NYC DJs and everytime I've called D to spin he's always answered the bell, whether it was my DJs for Japan fundraiser or my monthly Deejays for Obama event. The man is happy in his new relationship and all tem darts u throwing from the peanut gallery dont mean shit... He knew she was a gold mine- - smart, wealthy, intelligent, NAIVE, some1 he could control I bet her family aint happy about this out of wedlock pregnancy He gona run GAME on this young girl- - po' thang!While he been in the industry for years, it looks like he can also thank his new girlfriend, Kelli Coleman.Kelli's father, Don Coleman, is the owner, founder, and CEO of one of the largest advertising and marketing firms in the country-- Global Hue. And Kelli's been groomed to take over the family business ever since she graduated from Spelman recently. Coleman leads the new business team and serves as president of Cutting Edge Productions, a broadcast production house under the corporate umbrella.Thats a low estimate cuz I know for a fact that Sports Illustrated breaks him off with 10k every year at the Super Bowl. you aint planting a bug in no ones ear....anyone that knows D also knows he's a stand up dude.... Cuz, at the end of the day, we know he gets LOTS OF LUV IN THE CLUB!!!!!!! He is a legend in the game and very successful on his own. A man like him doesn't want a woman who has nothing!so stick to hating from the sidelines and play your position... he's paid...she's paid...you go an focus on getting paid urself... White men don't marry or date women beneath them, so why should a Black man, esp. First, please eliminate any negativity regarding Spelman College from your thoughts and words.

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D-Nice, who turns 40 in June, and Kelli have been dating about a year and have tried to keep it private. 39 dollar new era hats...........8 d0llar hear a lot of white women talk about how people shouldn't get mad at black men for dating white women, which i agree, as long as they're not dating them just because they're white and think that white women are the holy grail, which is the cause for most black men that dates white women.