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Even me telling her my story was like an out-of-body experience, and when I saw it on paper, it’s like, ‘Wow, I went through a lot of stuff,’ but it doesn’t sound like me, it sounds like another chick.

My daughter, who hates to read, couldn’t put it down. The biggest shock for me was knowing that you had been going through all of those complications with sickle cell in the ’90s—at the time no one could possibly suspect it.

If I’m gonna die before I’m 30, I might as well have fun doing it.

I’m going all the way.’ My mom moved us to Atlanta from Iowa so my brother and me could grow up in the same place.

I would have never been in TLC if I had stayed in Des Moines.

I’m happy we got out of there, but when we moved down to the south, it was weird because I wasn’t accepted by other black people – they said I was too white and the white people called me the ‘n’ word.

There are also behind-the-scenes tales from inside TLC, a band that was as synonymous with spats and sensationalism—especially in relation to Lopes, who famously set fire to her boyfriend’s house, and publicly sparred with Watkins and Thomas about wanting to break out of the group—as they were with impressive dance moves, and their smart, chart-topping songs. The stage is my second home and I miss going on every night. I had just gotten out of the hospital, and was watching an episode of Ricki Lake [in which men scrutinized their spouses’ bodies].

It has not been an easy few decades for the band since , after a 15-year hiatus, in June. It’s so awesome to see the fans and how happy they are. It inspired me to write “Unpretty,” and it made me write more. With my grandmother, brain tumor, son, and daughter I went through so much and thought it might help people to go ahead and tell them about the sick life—the good, the bad, the ugly, and all the stuff in between.

I was stubborn that way.” Watkins opens up about other grueling challenges, too, including the discovery of a brain tumor; the death of her beloved grandmother; her breakup with Dalvin De Grate of Jodeci; TLC’s bankruptcy and a lawsuit against La Face Records; and the birth of her daughter, in spite of the medical odds.I think it was interesting for you to open up about Left Eye. There was no way I was going to be around all these people and not. Our single “Way Back” was about me and my friend in Atlanta and out in L. doing two separate things and writing about not seeing each other. It was so sensationalized in the press, but it was a real relationship for you. How do you think you’ve evolved as an artist since the beginning of TLC? It’s a talent to know when you’re not talented, so I’ve learned so many things. It’s just like yesterday, no matter how much time passed. I’ve got a laundry list of stuff: a private clothing label called Baby Bouge, a TLC residency in Vegas, and I started writing film scripts. Chase is a popular makeup guru on Youtube, and she’s working on her singing and acting careers.While it’s a mystery what will become of the 0,000 TLC raised in a 2015 Kickstarter campaign to support the recording of their final album , T-Boz, who suffers from sickle-cell anemia, is staying visible this year with the book “A Sick Life,” due Sept. Follow the AJC Music Scene on Twitter and Facebook.

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It’s a TLC story—my mom, her mom, no one can tell the story.