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Users can minimize the threat posed by worms by keeping their computers' operating system and other software up to date, avoiding opening unrecognized or unexpected emails and running firewall and antivirus software.Beginning with the very first research into worms at Xerox PARC, there have been attempts to create useful worms.They found that the key was to use software to monitor the number of scans that machines on a network send out.When a machine started to send out too many scans, it was a sign that it has been infected, which allowed administrators to take it off line and check it for malware.Many worms are designed only to spread, and do not attempt to change the systems they pass through.

However, as with the ILOVEYOU worm, and with the increased growth and efficiency of phishing attacks, it remains possible to trick the end-user into running malicious code.

My laughter starts and I move around like crazy."JO-JOHNNY!

He stops and hovers over the side of my face."You were squirming around like a little worm" He laughs out.

"You have the biggest-ever worm loose in the net, and it automatically sabotages any attempt to monitor it...

There's never been a worm with that tough a head or that long a tail! Court of Appeals estimated the cost of removing the virus from each installation at between 0 and ,000; this work prompted the formation of the CERT Coordination Center Any code designed to do more than spread the worm is typically referred to as the "payload".

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