Yonghwa and seohyun dating

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But the MCs stayed true to the “Radio Star” style and persistently asked, “Don’t you like the Seohyun-type of girls?

” Jung Yong Hwa then answered, “It’s not like that.

He was rumored to be dating in his past with few of celebrities but in recent days Jung is maintaining privacy about his love life.

Jung Yong-hwa , source: As for now, Jung Yong might be single. We all know, Jung is not a shy kind of guy when it comes to dating a girl.

In recent days, it was rumored that Jung will make a solo comeback in his music career.

Yong also finished his movie named The Package and in 2015 he went for the tour.

THIS IS NOT THE FULL CONTENT OF THE ARTICLE/BLOG !!!!! Well, maybe actually Jinwoon is being friendzoned by Seo Hyun but she's not sure.Travelling around many Asian cities, Jung is having a hectic life with his career.Jung Yong-hwa, source: It will be surprised to know if your favorite celebrities don't have relationships in their past. Jung got surrounded by several rumors of dating his fellow star.After almost a decade in the entertainment world, Jung has been a public face and even his minor things lots of buzz on the internet.So, keeping aside his professional life, let's discuss on his ongoing relationship. Jung Yong-hwa, source: Jung Yong is not the type of guy who is devoted to a girl.

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Yongseo-shippers only exist in international fans because we K-netizens all know how he dislikes her. But you see, I've seen alot of international Yongseo-shippers but there's none in k-netizens. He's basically naming random celebrities when asked who his ideal type is.