Zoinks dating service dating pangalan ng afghanistan

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Zoinks dating service

: lol no i didntzoinks: ho LY SHIT thank go dno offense babejinkies!: ur so weirdblake: ALYADONT DO THATfreddie: Breathe Mariblake: jinkies!: were gonna watch movies and cryfreddie: Sounds like my kind of nightjinkies! : u ok thereblake: This is too fucking much for mejinkies!: sry sunshinefind ur own marinette timefreddie: Ok sure. : he thinks ur cuuuuuuuuuuteblake: *MUFFLED SCREAMING*jinkies!: give me ten and u can actual scream at me irlmuch more soothingblake: Im going to diejinkies! : just beca USE IIIIIIIIIIIIIIEEEIIIIIIIIIIII WILL ALWAYS LOOOOVE YOOOOOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUblake: IIIIIIIEEEIIIIIIII CANT HELP LOVINGjinkies!: yoooooouuuuuuublake: How wonderful life is Now that youre in the Woooooolrdddddddddddjinkies!Updates Handler 3/12/2015 PM 6472 (0x1948) Updates scan completion received, result = 0x0.

: fuck no ur not im sleeping overget ur ass up its time to cryzoinks: offended that i wasnt invitedfreddie: Samejinkies!

Yeah I love themblake: I cant I cant do this I cant Be Friends With someone Who LIKESSalt and vinegar chipsjinkies! blake: This is not a SPATI am disowning ALL OF YOUzoinks: hey!

: idk they arent badblake: What the FUCK freddie: I love salt and vinegar chips I can’t believe you don’t like themblake: I CANT BELIEVE YOU DOTHEYRE DISGUSTING!! i didnt give an opinionwhy am i getting punished yoblake: Silence is voting for the other sidezoinks: ??????

: you two are the worstzoinks: hey i LOVE dogsi just was not ready for this next stepfreddie: You say that like she asked you to move inzoinks: bruhthis is the teenage equivalentjinkies! : u r cute so everything u do is cutesry i dont make the rulesfreddie: Al is rightjinkies!

: damn right i amim always rightzoinks: lets not go that far babeblake: ALYA BOUGHT A FUCKING DOG CAN WE GET BACK TO THATjinkies!

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